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Jessica Salyer

Young Adult Author

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Even as a young child I was always making up stories and filling them with colorful characters, or changing the stories I read to suit them to my tastes. I would write these over-the-top dramatic scenes where everyone died or fell in love. My writing has evolved since then, I don't kill all my characters.

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The Princess and the Thief

Co-written with Kelley Lynn
October 2016

“Magic, Magic, hear my plea.
True love is meant to be.
Reunite me with this love that’s lost,
Never mind about the cost.
A love that’s pure will overcome.
And awaken a heart that’s numb.”

With a simple spell she never thought would work, Alysandra is whisked away from her high school prom to a fantasy world where everything is as it should be. Betrothed to her best friend and in the role of Princess, no less, it appears as though a happily ever after awaits. But as her wedding day approaches, Aly realizes her fairytale world is not as it seems. Dark secrets and lies threaten the love she sacrificed everything for. 

And in the shadows of the kingdom a thief lurks, far more familiar than Aly could imagine. Destined to turn her fantasy into a never-ending nightmare.

Secret Catch

Co-written with Cassie Mae
October 2014

Tyler Koontz is Trojan gold all the way. There’s nowhere he loves to be more than on the football field.

Sam Nolan is Skyhawk red born and raised. With her mom's depression and her dad's recent death, she lives for her little brother who is a big football fanatic.

There’s one rule in this town...

Trojans and Skyhawks don’t date. EVER.

So when Tyler and Sam fall fast and hard for each other, what are they to do? Keep it a secret of course.

The problem is in a town this small, secrets don’t stay secret for long.


The Spirit of Christmas


A collection of short stories centered around Christmas.

When KeLynn’s family is killed in an accident on Christmas day, she’s left alone to pick up the pieces. As the one-year anniversary of their deaths inch closer, it gets harder and harder to live, let alone celebrate Christmas. That is until, the cute geek next door tries to help. The only problem. . .he says he talks to her dead mother.

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen

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